Rachael Gibilterrra

Nator Racer

Nator Racer Kinetic Sculpture

Created for the 2017 Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race, this giant, human-powered, floating/flying Troegenator was conceptualized and built by the marketing team. I was responsible for coming up with the visual, sourcing materials, and then art directing and working with the team to bring it to life. Nator Racer successfully completed the race — water, mud, and all! Photos by Justin Williams.


Sculpture Concept / Material Sourcing / Sculpture Build / Art Direction

Client — Tröegs Independent Brewing

Year — 2017


The large plastic chemical barrels on either side in the front and back served as flotation in the water-portion of the race. They were painted by Tröegs co-worker Olivia Carberry to look like Troegenator cans.